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Always Open Data Science Consulting

      Rubbish, co.

Utilized Clustering Analysis to find insights into littering during events (Startup Grind 2020) and provided feedback on data-collection methods to improve data quality for future Machine Learning and Business ventures.

Built a data-oriented dashboard, as a R Shiny Web Application, to display a community led trash cleanup of SoMa West, CA. The dashboard was used by the city government to restructure their cleanup procedures.

2020-Curr Machine Learning Researcher

      University of North Texas

Currently working with Twitter data to analyze sentiment and topics of racists tweets revolving around COVID-19, utilizing state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing techniques and models.

Developed generalized methods to improve Morphological Inflection in Low-Resource Languages, utilizing data manipulation. These methods improved the accuracy of Deep Learning Neural Network predictions by 5%.

2012-18 Health Care Specialist (68W)

      United States Army, National Guard (MA, TX)

Spearheaded a team of 15 people, that reduced response time by 50%, for the East African Response Force.

Worked in trauma-based and clinical medicine, treating thousands of patients, and defining medical procedures.


Kahanek, A., Yu, X., Cleveland, A., Philbrick, J., & Hong, L. Temporal variations and spatial disparities in public reaction towards COVID-19 and CDC guidelines in the United States. (Submitted to Journal of Information Science)

Programming skills

Python = [PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, spaCy,
          numPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, GeoPandas, Gym]

R <- c(
        Tidyverse, RandomForest, GGplot2
        ,Plotly, Highcharters, Shiny, Caret

 std::string others[8] = {"C", "C++", "Elixir", "Phoenix",
                         "SQL", "JS", "CSS", "HTML"};

Areas of Expertise


2018- December 21 University of North Texas

B.S. Data Science, Minor in Mathematics, Statistics Certification

Current GPA: 3.9

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Alexander Kahanek